The Only Aussie Footy League to Follow – The AFL

The AFL is the professional competition in Australia of the form of football known as Australian rules Football. The AFL Commission is the governing body of this sport, and is responsible for all the rules of the game. Originally founded as the Victorian League and beginning in 1897 with teams coming from the Australian State of Victoria only. Teams from all the other states joined the league during the 1980s, and the name of the association was changed to the Australian Football League in 1990.

At the present time there are eighteen teams that participate in the league, teams from five of the six states in Australia. The sixth state, Tasmania, has no entrant into the league. Matches are played in all the states and territories of Australia, as well as some in New Zealand. The AFL season currently consists of a pre season competition called the NAB Challenge, with a twenty three round season that follows. These home and away matches are played during the Australian winter, and the top eight teams then compete in a four round finals series. The AFL Grand Final is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground each year. The team who wins the Grand Final is called the premiers, and the current 2016 premiers are the Western Bulldogs.

The winning team receives a silver cup and a blue premiership flag. This flag has been presented since the league began, and is unfurled at the team’s first home game of the next season.

A Completely Home Grown Sport

Australian rules Football is an entirely home grown sport, and is affectionately known as Footy, or Aussie rules football. It is not played professionally in any other country, although Japan and New Zealand are becoming interested. Essentially, the game is played between two teams who attempt to kick goal at either end of the field, and the winner is the team with the most points. A goal counts six points, and is scored when the ball is kicked through the tall goal posts. A ball kicked between either set of shorter outside posts counts one point. An AFL game lasts through four quarters and for nearly two hours.

The International Rules Series

The only chance AFL players have to represent their nation is at the annual competition entitled The International Rules Series. This features AFL players, and players from the Gaelic Athletic Association in Ireland. The game itself is a hybrid sport and uses rules from both Australian football and Gaelic football.

Wagering on AFL Games

When it comes to wagering on the AFL, the range of bets that can be placed is very wide. You can bet on the result of the game, on individual player’s scores, and with the changing odds of teams the AFL Premiership betting world can become very busy. Generally, everyone should experience the thrill of betting on the AFL, with the extra thrill of potential high wins.

There are some guidelines for people looking to participate in online wagering on the AFL. You should try to be objective in your selections wherever possible. It is wise to know the bets from all angles.  Also it is always wise to find out the details of each team that is playing, and the current form of all the players. The AFL betting market is growing steadily, and the opportunities for winning a great reward is also growing. It is difficult not to enjoy this exciting game, as well as all the betting options it offers.