Sogasu Chooda Taramaa by Gunasekhar

Sogasu Chooda Taramaa is a 1995 Indian Telugu remake of the smash Hollywood hit Indecent Proposal. It was produced by K. Ram Gopal, written by Ajayshanthi, and stars Naresh; Indraja; Tanikella Bharani and Ramana Murthy. It was written by Gunasekhar; produced by K. Ram Gopal, and the music for the film was composed by Ramani Prasad. Sekhar V. Joseph was in charge of the cinematography, and Sankar was the editor. The film has a running time of 144 minutes. It did very well at the box office, and Naresh received a Best Actor Nandi award for his role in Sogasu Chooda Taramaa.

Awards for Sogasu Chooda Taramaa

Sogasu Chooda Taramaa also received a Nandi award for Best Feature film, and two Nandi awards for a single feature film is nothing to sneeze at: it is the highest possible accolade a Telugu production is capable of winning, combining the Teluga cinema; theatre; television and lifetime achievements awards for Indian cinema, and presented each year by the governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Top Performance by Top Telugu Actors

Naresh Vijaya was born Naresh Krishna Murthy, and is well-known for his Telugu cinema and television work. He began performing as a child actor in 1970, and has since starred in around 90 films, in a variety of genres.

Indraja, born Rajitha, is also a household name in Telugu cinema, as well as Malayalam television and cinema. She has also been the star of several Tamil and Kannada films during the course of her acting career.

Sogasu Chooda Taramaa Plot Synopsis

Sogasu Chooda Taramaa retells the story of a young couple, very much in love, who have gotten married and begun their respective careers. In the original film, Hollywood’s Indecent Proposal, the heroine is an estate broker, the hero an architect. The heroine finds the perfect spot to build her husband’s dream house, and the couple apply for and receive loans in order to finance the building of it. When the recession hits, however, they are in danger of losing everything, and this is where the idea to visit Las Vegas and do their damndest to win the cash they need is born.

The couple, unhappily, do not do well at the tables, and their financial ruin seems inevitable. Fate intervenes however, bingo Australia as they are approached by a mysterious millionaire who offers the hero a million dollars in exchange for the chance to spend an evening with his wife. Although the couple agrees that this is indeed a quick method to deal with their financial dilemma, it also threatens their relationship at a core level.

Sogasu Chooda Taramaa reinterprets the film’s themes completely for a Telugu audience, and does not stick to a simple retelling of the original film’s theme. Indraja’s character is a beautiful woman who marries an ambitious man, played by Naresh. At a party Naresh’s boss is captivated by the beauty of the hero’s wife and offers Naresh an excellent work position, albeit with a less than savoury agenda –putting the hero in a difficult position once poverty becomes a real possibility without it. The film explores the hero’s dilemma: will he sacrifice his work aspirations, or the woman who loves him?