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Why Online Cycling Betting Is So Popular Nowadays ?

For many people, cycling is considered to be a recreational activity that is usually reserved for sunny days and weekends. What most people don’t know is that the world of international cycling is hugely competitive. International competitive cycling attracts millions of viewers from all over the world with riders training for years to be able to compete. Betting on cycling races is almost as popular as the sport itself.

Today, online cycling betting has become one of the most popular betting options as any online betting site. In the notes below, we are going to explain how cycling betting works and how to get started betting online.

Placing Your Bet

For those who are new to online cycling betting, there are certain aspects of the sport that one must understand. What most people don’t know is that despite the fact that cyclists ride individually, cycling is actually a team sport. Most teams have a cyclist that is selected to go for the win. In most cases, the cycling team will sacrifice their positions in order for the top cyclist to win the race.  Before placing a bet on any one rider to win a stage or race, a punter must make sure that their chosen rider is the once selected by the team to go for the win.

Riders and Classification

If you are thinking about trying your hand at online cycling betting, make sure you know all the facts. In cycling, there are various types of riders. For betting purposes, riders can be classed into three categories, namely climbers, sprinters and all-rounder’s.

Sprinters are those cyclists who are geared to be stage winners as their team supports them and pushes them to get within a few hundred meters of the finish line. Climbers are generally the cyclists who’re competing to win the Tour. All-rounders are cyclists that generally compete for the green jersey and can also tackle both the mountain and sprinting races.

Types of Cycling Bets

With online cycling betting there are quite a number of bets that can be placed on any race. For the novice bettor, a race or stage win is probably the easiest bet to start with. A stage winner is a rider that wins just that leg of the race. A race winner is the rider that has the fastest time for all legs of the race combined. For the more experienced bettors, bets can also be placed on a jersey winner, rider positon, a team winner, a team position as well as top 3 placing. Other bets include match up bets where one rider is pitted against another and team specials.

Major Cycling Races

In the world of eSports betting Australia, there are a number of major races that happen throughout the year. The most famous of these is probably the Tour de France. Most online cycling betting enthusiast will be familiar with the race as it attracts the most media attention. Other major races include the famed Vuelta a Espana, the grand tour of Spain and the Giro d’Italia, or the Italian grand tour. In addition to the major races, smaller local and international races happen throughout the year providing ample betting opportunities.