Any Tips for CS:Go Esports Bets?

Many New Zealand based e-sports fanatics are joining in the global trend of betting on CS:GO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as is it officially known. CS:GO is the fourth multiplayer, shooting, first-person video game in the Counter-Strike franchise.  It is available to play on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X.  This exciting new version retains the classic content of previous versions, but has revamped the classic maps.

There are now also new characters, brand new maps, leader boards, matchmaking, weapons and new game modes on which you can place your CS:GO betting predictions.  On Linux, Windows and OS X you have the option of cross platform multiplayer functionality.

CS:GO Betting Predictions Websites

There are plenty of CS:GO betting prediction website which offer valuable information to Kiwi speculators from CS:GO experts in the form of community tipsters and analysts, people who like you are passionate about CS:GO and get a thrill from betting on the outcomes of the games in the Majors, or major tournaments which sponsors contribute big prize money to. These websites have been around mostly since 2014 and are constantly delivering predictions and top betting tips, and have become specialist in the field of CS:GO betting predictions.

With some websites you will need to pay a nominal fee to join and get the tips, and CS:GO betting predictions can also be purchased in smaller bundles, giving you access to some of the experts, but not all in one go.  You are able to place bets on the main sportsbooks using real money.  Placing wagers on the matches for your skins is no longer allowed on most CS:GO betting sites.

Types Of CS:GO Betting Forecasts

  • Community tipsters offer forecasts based on their knowledge and predictions
  • Some forecasts are arrived at by calculations made by the site’s analytical systems
  • Online sportsbooks or bookmakers that offer CS:GO betting predictions make forecasts which can you follow
  • The CS:GO analysts on the few specialist betting websites publish their projections for you to view
  • Some websites also publish the poll’s results for each match played.

CS:GO Betting Types

In any e-sports betting there are two ways in which you can bet on the game.  In outcomes betting, which is the simplest option, New Zealand based punters place their bets on who will straight out win the match – i.e. team/player Y vs. team/player Z. In proposition betting which is also known as parlay type betting, punters put their CS:GO betting predictions on specific point outcomes for each game.  To make these kind of bets you will need to have an understanding of the CS:GO teams that are playing to enable you to estimate results such as ‘Team Y wins 4-0 of the games played’, or ‘Team Z loses, with handicap +2 games’.

CS:GO Games Modes

There are four game modes that New Zealand punters need to be familiar with when placing your CS:GO betting predictions.

Classic Competitive: Players join a queue and play 5v5 best of thirty matches, and use standard rules playing on any of the classic type maps.  Can be played a team or individually.

Classic Casual: Casual matches are not for betting mode, but are great fun to play if you don’t want to commit to a whole match.  You play at your own speed and pace and can get body armor, bonus rewards and defusal kits for kills.

Demolition: This is a faster paced game where you are granted a start up weapon and the players swap turns attacking and defending any single bombsite through a whole series of maps. For each kill you get given a more superior weapon.

Arms Race: This format is gun-progression mode with a load of close contact combat and instant respawning. You get new weapons after each kill that you register.  Whoever gets the golden knife is the winner of the match.