How do you work out value in bets to earn more?

Sports betting markets have exploded in recent years, Canadian punters in quest of sports books with the most dynamic and profitable wagering options in Canada will be eager to learn about the value in sports bets.

Valuable sports bets are so much more than conventional tactical betting options. Punters usually make predictions on sporting events and place wagers on the most likely outcome that event offers. In value sports betting, punters must exercise their insight and add value to the overall proposition by making a call on the odds, which benefits the overall long term effect of the total wagers placed on sports events.

This means punters need to seek the best sports bets, which not only provide great odds but also have the most likely possible outcomes. Placing a wager within these parameters ensures valuable sports bet, which is more beneficial than conventional pick and win betting options.

Value Equals Strategy

Any valuable sports bet is entirely dependent on strategy. Punters from Canada opting for bets with real value will need to develop an informed strategy to make better decisions concerning the value in a bet.

Strategic play requires experience and practice. The Strategy used for calling sports events at betting sites is unique to each punter laying wagers on the event itself. No strategy can be taught or defined, it is a game of insights whereby punters should accumulate a wealth of knowledge within the sporting discipline in order to understand the fundamental modes of play that exist.

Strategic betting can be defined through your personal knowledge of the team; it’s coach, the rest times between games and even injuries that the team has recently suffered. Knowing these small facts coupled with the larger context of the game itself will afford punters from Canada with a holistic view of the event, allowing for a strategic wager, which will ultimately result in valuable sports betting options.

The Value Of A Bet

The value in any sports bet must be researched through a two step process, this process is an additional step that should only be taken once you have developed an insightful strategy to your sports betting practice.

The process of determining value is an integral part of strategic play, which should form part of your holistic sports betting strategy.

Your Call 

First, punters from Canada need to research the actual likelihood of their predicted favourite to win the upcoming sporting fixture. For example; in a hockey game between team N and L you would check the teams current log position and their track record as well as other factors in your strategic play book in order to give each respective team a percentage based probability of winning the game.

This step to determine value in sports betting is your call and entirely based on your own research, therefore it is the likelihood of that team to win. Once Canadians have assed this likelihood, the figures should range in between team N with a 55% chance of winning while team L have a 45% chance.

The Bookmakers Value 

The bookmaker’s odds play a crucial role in determining valued sports bets. Punters from Canada should keep a keen eye open for valuable bets by scouting various providers for the best valuable betting odds.

The bookmaker will issue punters from Canada with a set of odds on both team N and L. Punters should have a keen understanding of odds and the formula for calculating the percentage based outcome these odds refer to. If the bookmaker’s odds on team N equate to less than your valued calculation of 55%, the bet simply has no value and should be left.

Inversely, if team L’s odds are less than 45%, this bet also has no value and should be left alone. A valuable bet is a bet with higher percentage based outcomes, which occur from the bookmaker’s numbers. So if team N’s odds were above 55% based on the bookmakers odds and your own call, the bet is then considered valuable and punters from Canada could potentially yield a lucrative return on the investment.