Exciting Cricket of the Asian Cup!

The Asian Cup is an international cricket tournament that features 8 countries competing in a rotational series of one day international and Twenty20 matches.

The tournament is held every 2 years and the list of competitors feature Afghanistan, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka.

Due to political and civil problems, not each team competes each year.

The Asian Cup is very popular amongst sports bettors. It is an action packed tournament thanks to the team rivalries and the fast paced ODI and Twenty20 match format.

The Exciting Events To Wager On

The Asian Cup is divided into 3 events, the Group Stage, the Super Fours and the cup final, all with great betting opportunities. The Group stage kicks off the action with groups of 3 teams facing off against each other with the top teams progressing to the Super Four stage.

The two top teams from the Super Four stage move into the finals.

Other than the team the events, the Asian Cup also offers betting options on individual player accomplishments and awards.

These include the Man of the Match award and Player of the Tournament award. There is also an opportunity to make wagers on which player makes the most runs and takes the most wickets.

Placing Winning Wagers

The Asian Cup format is open to a many different wager styles. It depends on which online betting site you use as each site feature different options to choose.

Proposition and futures bets are available at most sites and offer fun and inclusive betting. Spread betting and single bets can also be used to cover team performances during the tournament and individual player or team performances.

Since the format of the Asian Cup rotates between One Day International and Twenty20 events, wagering options can alter on a biennial basis.

Real Money Sports Betting

The wide range of competing nations attracts bettors from all over the world. Lucky online sports books accept many different currencies. Asian Cup wagers are accepted at many different sites but it should be noted that each site has their own list of accepted currencies.

A quick look at the site’s home page will allow you to determine if they accept your currency.

What Makes A Good Sports Betting Site

If you are new to Sports Betting and you want to start with some great Asian Cup wager action, it can be challenging choosing a cricket betting site that best suits you. Other than choosing a site that caters to your currency of choice, future bettors should also look at what sign up bonuses are of offer.

Sports betting sites offer sign up bonuses that can include free bets. They can also offer deposit bonuses that will give you more funds in your account based on the size of your first deposit.

Expect Great Customer Service

Another key aspect to look at with regards to sports books before you start thinking of making Asian Cup wagers is the site’s level of customer service.

Bettors should be able to easily reach the support desk so that problems can easily be resolved should they arise.