iPhone Pai Gow Poker

Pai gow poker is based on the traditional Chinese game pai gow. There are two main differences, the first being that the original game was played with dominoes, while the poker version is, of course, played with a deck of fifty two playing cards.

The second main difference is that the poker version uses standard poker hands to create winning hands, as the original version used the value of the pips on the dominoes. All other rules are retained exactly as they were, involving the players having to create two sets with the seven cards they have been dealt; one five card hand, and one two card hand. The five card hand must have a poker value greater then the two card hand, hence the five card hand being referred to as the major, and the two card hand being referred to as the minor.

When the game starts, four cards are dealt into the centre of the table. The first player must take a card that will get him closer to pair of winning hands, and throw one card out. The second player does the same, until the first player has his winning hand. Note that one joker is also added to the deck.

Modern Pai Gow Poker

In modern times virtually any casino game that is played in real life may now be played on desktop, or on a mobile device. In terms of mobile devices, the iPhone is a popular choice, with many hundreds of games available. iPhone pai gow poker is now also available, with hundreds, if not thousands of players taking part on a daily basis.

This mobile phone version makes use of touch screen controls, which, depending on the version downloaded, translate very well to card based games. In some cases, however, this may take a bit of getting used to, given that much information must be communicated on a small screen, and little space is provided to make touch controls effective. The game may, if desired, be played for real money with other players, requiring that those participating provide bank account details to unlock betting options. Many groups also play IPhone pai gow poker just for fun, with no money being exchanged at any time.

Download iPhone Pai Gow Poker

In order to play iPhone pai gow poker now, it need simply be downloaded from the Apple iStore to the phone in question, after which simply tapping the icon will start the game. Keep in mind that many versions of the real money online pokies game may be available from many different companies, making selective choosing of the game a must. If one version does not seem to provide a smooth experience, simply download and try a different version. It is important, however, to test each version thoroughly before committing any real money, since once money has been deposited into an online casino it can take a few days to withdraw that money. Only consider playing for real money once the game has proved to be an acceptable mobile phone playing experience. If any problems arise, please contact the customer support centre of the website where game is being played.