eSports Betting Trends To Be On The Lookout For
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eSports Betting Trends To Be On The Lookout For

A significant percentage of eSports betting revenue comes from New Zealand. New Zealanders love their eSports, and the popularity of the games is increasing rapidly in the country. It is already predicted that by 2020 eSports will be a major force in the betting industry, and New Zealand has had its role to play in that trend occurring.

In fact, the professional gaming scene in New Zealand is one of the most active and prolific in the world. But assuming that you aren’t familiar with eSports, or eSports betting, let’s take a closer look at what the eSports scene involves.

eSports are video games played at a professional level, by those who dedicate much of their time to being good at a specific game. When these titans of video game playing go up against one another in a live arena, those who enjoy video games like to see the best face off in an epic showdown.

These showdowns can be viewed via live streaming services online. eSports betting is simply placing bets on which of the contestants you predict to be the winner. Hence, eSports betting is much like betting on any other sport.

Most Bet On eSports

There are a number of eSports video games, ranging from action packed first person shooters to very slow paced real time strategy games. A great many games are played on a professional level, but there are a few that dominate in terms of popularity.

CS:GO, or Counter Strike Global offensive, is one of the most popular first person shooters, along with Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. As far as eSports betting goes, however, Counter Strike Global offensive draws many of the bets placed annually.

Another astronomically popular game is Dota 2, known for its more strategic game play, as apposed to action games like Counter Strike Global Offensive. Dota 2 matches can take up to an hour, with Counter Strike Global Offensive matches often taking less than five minutes.

Dota 2 is the most bet on ESport, and continues to grow in popularity at an astonishing pace. Interestingly, all these games can be played by the average eSports betting New Zealand player on their home computer at any time.

Understanding Bet Making

eSports mobile betting sites work in much the same way as betting for any other sport. The bet maker is simply predicting who they think will win a match. This is especially interesting for those who understand the games being played, and have a deeper level of insight. Competing teams are give odds, which indicate how likely the team is seen to win. Placing a bet on that team to win means accepting those odds.

Once a bet has been placed it is official, and the online bookmaker will issue a virtual ticket to confirm the bet. If the bet wins the bookmaker will pay winnings to the online account as quickly as is possible.

This is generally done in a few hours of the match officially being declared over. Note that an online bookmaker will not entertain any objections to a match that were not officially raised during the time of the match. If a match is cancelled the bet will be returned to the bet maker.