The Difference Between In Play vs Pre-Match Betting

In Play vs Pre-Match Betting for New Zealand

Most punters in New Zealand will most likely be familiar with traditional pre-match betting, but may not know much about the new favourite on the rise – in play betting. They are similar in many ways, but there is a key difference: wagers can be placed during the match with in play betting, while the books close ahead of the start of a match with pre-match betting. 

In this article we will examine the differences between the two and offer advice to punters in New Zealand on how to be successful with in play betting at Crown Oaks betting.

Similar But Different

As mentioned, there are many similarities between in play betting and pre-match betting, but in play betting allows punters to place wagers throughout a match. The process with both betting forms will be similar: you’ll select your favourite online sportsbook, select a wager, compare the odds between a few sportsbooks, and then stake money on the wager which offers the best return on your investment if successful.

With pre-match betting, this is where the process ends, however with in play betting you can continue this process throughout the match. You will also discover a much higher choice of wagers which will pop up as the match progresses with in play betting.

Variety of Wagers

Even though pre-match betting offers wagers that aren’t always available with in play betting, in play betting offers a much wider range of bets as there are many ‘what will happen next’ markets that become available which simply aren’t possible with pre-match online betting.

For example, when watching your favourite teams battle it out in ice hockey, you will be able to place a wager on which team will be the next to score, which would not be possible with pre-match betting. You also don’t have to choose just one betting form, and can place wagers on both pre-match and in play markets, further increasing your chances of success.

Time Sensitive Decisions

The last difference which must be mentioned is the luxury of time. With pre-match betting you will have plenty of time to ponder a variety of wagers, and do research in order to better inform your wagers. You can then watch the odds until they are better in your favour and pick your best moment to snatch up a wager. However, with in play betting you will not have this luxury, as in play bets are time sensitive, and you will miss the opportunity if you do not act quickly.

Watch the Odds

Another key difference between in play and pre-match betting is that the odds will change dramatically with in play betting as opposed to pre-match. Of course, the public can sway the odds slightly depending on which way the money is leading with pre-match betting, but these shifts are never drastic. On the contrary, in play betting is far more volatile and often sees the odds swinging wildly depending on events in a match.

For example, if the underdog takes the lead in an unexpected twist during an NBA game, the odds are going to dramatically change with in play betting, as the match becomes literally anyone’s game.

However, as previously mentioned, it is not necessary to take advantage of only one betting type. Perhaps you enjoy the laid-back ease of pre-match betting, but crave the thrill of in play, and then wagers can be placed with both.