Your Guide to Live Betting

Live Betting In New Zealand

Live betting is a relatively new development in sports betting. It allows bets to be made and altered in a live environment. This means you can bet as the game is in action. There are of course limitations on the alterations you can make and on the best you can place. These vary from betting site to betting site.

Sports bettors in New Zealand can get in on live Ice Hockey, Football, Soccer, Basketball, curling and baseball matches. The amount and variety of live bets on these sports can also vary from site to site so before joining a sports book, check what sports they offer for live betting.

How Live Bets Work

Live bets can take a variety of forms. The most common type is Half Time bets. This is a wager on the status of the match when the teams reach the halfway mark. This can be adjusted for games like basketball where play happens in 4 quarters.

Another form that life betting can take is in play betting where bettors can place wagers as the game is in progress. Literally bets can be made on each play.

How this works is the online betting site will have a special live betting screen where you can receive constant game updates and stats. As soon a there is a break in play, for example at the AFL Grand Final betting the system will update the odds and bets and players can make wagers. Wins are paid out soon and will appear in your account balance.

There are some more nuances to live betting, but these can vary between bookmakers.

Playing With Full Attention

Live betting requires players to keep their full attention on the game and the player performances at all time. Matches are fast so bettors must be equally fast in making informed decisions.

This can be very difficult if you are at a bar with friends watching a game, but not impossible.

With many sites offering mobile applications that allow you to bet on your smartphone, live betting is very much possible at a venue. It may just be tough to have your full focus on the match.

Since the betting action is so fast paced, it could result in some regrettable losses for the inattentive bettor.

Use Your Instincts

Due to the fast pace of live betting, it can be tough to use betting strategy to its full. A live bettor must trust his instincts to be able to make snap decisions.

That said, if you have done enough research you should be able to still make relatively informed decisions as long as you can stay level headed and rational.

Maximise Your Winning Potential

Many more accomplished bettors use a two part system to maximise their winnings or lessen the impact of a loss using live betting.

You start with a standard pre game bet. Then as the game starts, you can strategically make use of live betting to either compliment or supplement your original wager. Using this approach you can judge the flow of the game and adjust your wagering accordingly.

Live betting is a great addition to the online sports bettors’ arsenal. It takes a special kind of bettor to make the most of it, but it can also be used as an exciting alternative to standard betting.